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  1. Without fail this time every year my Mum and I go to the local garden centre and pick out bedding plants.  Living in rural Norfolk we are very lucky to have so many garden centres to choose from, but we have our favourite.





    When I was a little girl I remember playing in my Mums garden and there being these flowers that looked like little dragons mouths as you squeezed the back of them.  Since then I have almost every year had some snap dragons, as I learnt they were called in my garden.



    We chose a large variety of plants this year including geraniums and training labelia.  I even chose a tomato plant for my son to try and grow and look after, although the recent heatwave hasnt helped it too much!


    Im hoping to do some more posts on growing your own food and preparing your garden so look out for those posts too.

  2. Cakes can be used for so many occasions. So when Baker Days asked me to review one of their cakes I was delighted.  




    One of the best things about this cake is that it came through the post and fits through the letter box. Making it super convenient for people that don't want to wait in for a delivery. 

    I picked an 18 floral personalised sponge birthday cake for my niece Abigail. It came in a robust box and the cake came packaged in a tin with vent holes perfect to keep afterwards. It also included candles and a party blower. 

    The design of the cake was lovely and my niece loved it. It was a perfect special cake for a special birthday. 



    If you haven't checked out Baker Days website   I suggest you do. They have a number of cakes for all different occasions that can be personalised too. 





    Would you you like to win a cake of your own? If so just leave a comment on this blog post telling me which cake you would order. Good luck! Winner will be announced one week from this post.