Rainbow after thought heel socks

I love knitting socks! I usually make them as gifts so I don’t have an array of hand knitted socks for myself. This last pair I made though I decided we’re definitely going to be for me. I bought the yarn a long time ago in a destash.

So you might be asking yourself if you aren’t a knitter why make socks when you can just buy them? There are so many reasons why but for me the main ones are:-
They are a small project that don’t take that long to make.
Knitted in the round so no seams, so you just knit round and round so perfect tv knitting.
The best reason of all is they feel amazing to wear!
Anyway back to the rainbow socks. I made these using 2.25mm circular needles then put in an afterthought heel. Which does mean cutting your knitting to insert a heel! But with practice this is easy and not as terrifying as it sounds. I use this method quite a lot although I enjoy making them with a traditional heel flap and gusset too.
I had a little bit of yarn left so I made a pair of super cute baby socks for my granddaughter so she can have rainbow socks too.
Let let me know what you enjoy knitting in the comments

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