The Dating Game

Dating can always be difficult no matter what your age is. There are so many dating websites now so there is so much more choice. Over 50’s Dating Edinburgh

A few years ago I was set up on a blind date with a friend of a friend. We had been chatting for a few weeks on the phone texting each other so it wasn’t so daunting. This particular man wanted to meet me at my house but I said no and we met at a local pub in my town.





When we first got there he was acting very strange and as I’m quite a confident person I was just chatting away trying to stop the awkward silences! He only had the use of one arm which he hadn’t told me and this didn’t bother me at all. I told him I wish he could have told me before though as I’m not a horrible person, well I like to think I’m not!


We had a drink and we started talking about children. I have three children and he was telling me about his children who he doesn’t see much. I joked that I hoped he didn’t do anything to stop him seeing the children. Then he said umm yes I did! I won’t go into details but I was sitting there thinking RUN!


Anyway I finished my drink and was about to make my way home… on my own when he asked me to go to his car first. So I reluctantly went to where he had parked his car as it was on my way home anyway. He then went into the boot and took out a fake plastic rose for me as he had asked my favourite flower as we were texting. Then a bottle of my favourite perfume. Next out of the boot was a teddy bear with ‘I love you’ wrote on it. I told him I couldn’t accept any of these gifts as I didn’t really know him but he kept pushing them into my hands saying take them take them!! So I reluctantly took the gifts said goodbye .. no kissing! and headed home.


When I got home I remember him texting me non stop asking how the night had gone etc. I told him I didn’t really think we were suited which we really weren’t. Plus buying someone a teddy bear with I love you on it when you have never met that person before was abit worrying. He didn’t appreciate me saying I didn’t want things to go further.


Days and days of texts until he said right I’m going abroad soon and unless you tell me what I want to hear I won’t come back! I told him I didn’t want to be nasty but we weren’t going to be together so do whatever you want to.


Since that message I never heard from him again. Since then which was quite a while ago I’ve got a new phone number too .. just in case.


Adult Dating


I am still a single mum of three children, although since then one child has moved out. But if I did decide to look for another relationship I know there are a lot of dating sites out there nowadays


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I have lots more stories like these so if you enjoyed this one let me know and I will write some more!

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