Freedom of speech Tommy Robinson

I have thought about writing this blog post for quite some time regarding freedom of speech and Tommy Robinson.

I know this is not my ‘usual’ genre of writing, but this blog is here for me to express myself and sometimes I have strong views on things and therefore will write about them.

I have followed Tommy Robinson for quite some time on social media.  Twitter was the main one I followed but his account was suspended so obviously that came to an end.  I do believe that was the start of him trying to be silenced.

Even if his views are not what you agree with, I think everyone must believe in freedom of speech.  Especially in the UK in 2018!

I wont go into too much detail about his court cases as I know he is now on bail and is due back to court in the near future.

The thing I have the most problem with is the swiftness he was taken away after being arrested.  I was actually watching the live stream when he was arrested and could not believe my eyes.  He had done nothing wrong and was reading from a published article.  Then from that moment to be put before a judge and sentenced within 5 hours was absolutely disgusting.  Including putting a reporting ban on the case too!

It has now been appealed and he is on bail as I previously said.  There were many flaws in the way he was treated on that day and by that Judge.

Since Tommy has been released on bail and it has been brought to light the treatment he suffered in prison too. He was not in there for murder, rape or any charge like this and to be honest the criminals that are in there for that seem to have more privileges than what Tommy got.

Every article I have read starts with Tommy Robinson former EDL leader or Tommy Robinson right wing etc.  I think it is about time we just said Tommy Robinson not all the labels! I have been told many times before that Tommy Robinson is not his real name, I think every Tommy Robinson supporter knows this so we don’t need to be reminded each time thank you.

I urge you to watch this video of Tommy Robinson at Oxford where he explains his life in more detail.

I will most probably get a ton of hate for writing this post but I believe in freedom of speech and if I want to write something then I shall.


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