Britain’s top vintage jewellery cities

We all love finding something different and vintage jewellery is just that. You can shop a more sustainable way by incorporating antiques and vintage jewellery into the mix. There are a number of cities in Britain to go to for vintage jewellery. There are also bigger fairs such as the one at Newark-on-Trent where there are a number of stalls to find your vintage treasure. London is a big place to find vintage jewellery as well as Chester, Wirral, Liverpool to name just a few. Britain really does have some of the best places to find vintage jewellery.

First though we need to understand what is considered to be vintage jewellery? What is considered to be antique? This is a common question among people and something you should know before you visit any of the Britain’s top cities to find your vintage jewellery. All jewellery that is not brand new is considered estate jewellery, but not all estate jewellery is considered antique or vintage. Antique jewellery and vintage jewellery are defined by when the item was made.

Estate Jewellery

Estate jewellery is a piece of jewellery that is used, which could be considered as second hand jewellery, regardless of whether is defined as vintage or antique. The item could be less than a month old, for example, and still considered to be estate jewellery.

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery has to be at least 20 to 30 years old to be considered as vintage. Vintage is the most common term of the three as it covers a large collection of periods from when jewellery was mass produced. This means it could be anything made during the 1900s in time or earlier.

Jewellery that is between the ages of 50 and 100 years old are also classified as being vintage pieces. They are often more modern in their designs, while also providing the professional craftsmanship that you would expect to find on older pieces of jewellery.

If you had an engagement ring from the 1800s it would be considered as antique so that the dealer can highlight how old the ring is, instead of saying it is vintage. An engagement ring from the 1940s would be considered as vintage rings.

Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery is a piece of jewellery that is around 100 years old or more. When an item is called antique by a dealer the heirloom will be very old. Some art deco pieces which were popular in the 1920s are now considered antique.

If the words of antique style is used when describing jewellery that looks old but no mention of the age of it then this could mean that the item is a reproduction.

Sometimes using the terms estate or vintage can be misleading. It is important to understand how reputable dealers use these term so you do not buy a reproduction. A reliable dealer would use the words antique cameo rather than calling it an estate cameo, even though it may be a piece of estate jewellery.

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