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  1. I was contacted by Gilian from Design by Phoenix recently.  Her website is full of beautiful handmade items.  She sells a wide range of items so there really is something for everyone on her website.  Links for her social media is facebook  instagram twitter   pinterest



    Here is a little bit about Designs by Phoenix 

    The term Cottage Industry applies here, working from our home we create and design  wearable clothing with quirks and twists everywhere, if we can bling it we  will, if we can add ribbons we do! We spend our time creating unusual and affordable items for you and your family.

    I found my passion for colour, detail and texture many, many years ago in Art College, where I couldn't resist adding gold inks and paints to all my paintings, glitter and twinkle to anything, texture wherever I could, this has carried on with my love of fabrics  and yarns, creating clothing for myself from a very, very early age .. I made my first skirt in primary school while all the other kids were making finger puppets.

     As a teen I was very fortunate to live next door to a classically trained tailoress and she took me under her wing showing me many tricks of the trade,  I took needlework in the 6th form just to fill in my time and passed a 2 year course in just 6 months so you could say its in my blood.   I learnt machine knitting at my mothers knee and by age 10 I was knitting my own clothing, by 14 I had saved enough cash from my Saturday job to buy my own machine... In my 20's I had my own high street shop selling rag dolls, and story book quilts, I've always found ways to sell my wares and  while my children were young, I made everything for them from PJs to party wear, at the same time doing the rounds at craft fairs and country shows with them in tow. This was way before the days of online selling, Face book, twitter, amazon and etsy, and now the story continues  my son is the knitter and can whip up a Harry Potter scarf in no time, my girls are my models,  & my mother still helps us create our knitwear in busy times, keeping the family business going.

    We strive to break the mould from the standard "run of the mill" items you'd find on the high st. Many of our Items are One of a Kind!


    How amazing is this dress! 

    Gilian has kindly offered us a prize for a giveway.  She has offered us this stunning light denim blue pashmina with crochet and beaded detail worth £39.00!

      So all you have to do is visit her website and leave a comment on this blog post to be in with a chance of winning.





  2. As part of my promotional blog posts the first person I am highlighting is Anne from Anniecraftymakes. 
    Here is a little bit about Anne in her own words 
    I live in Weymouth, Dorset. I have been knitting and sewing most of my life. I have mostly taught myself with infleunce from my mother and grandmother. I have in the past done craft fairs and sold my textiles at a local craft shop. 
    I have now decided to open a Etsy shop called Anniecraftymakes selling my project bags. Each bag has its own name and is one of a kind. I luv to experiment with new ideas and designs. 
    My luv of knitting goes way back into my childhood watching my nan knit. I find it very calming and soothing.
    You can find me on Instagram and You Tube under Anniescraftymakes. I recently started podcasting and will be posting more in the future. 
    Anne makes the most beautiful bags which you can see here 
    Easter Bunnies 
    Bird Dreams 
    Bees in flight 
    Pink fire 
    Please go and show Anne some support on her social media and new Etsy shop. 
    If you have enjoyed this promotion on my blog and would like the chance to be featured please drop me a message.